Below is a list of IHPA members who have completed the BHPA Club Coaching course (initial course date and refresher course dates.) These pilots have agreed to act as coaches and mentors to new, low air-time pilots to help them improve their flying skills and fly safely.

Please note that all Club Coaches offer their advice free of charge and strictly on a member-to-member basis. They are not qualified instructors and are not licenced to give instruction, and may only offer advice and coaching in their own flying discipline (HG or PG) and personal licence endorsements (Hill / Tow / Tandem / Power.) As always, the 'pilot-in-command' must exercise their own judgement on whether or not it is safe to launch and accept personal responsibility for their own safety, decisions, actions and fate.

Club Coaches are endorsed by the IHPA after successfully gaining the necessary skills and experience to offer advice and assistance to other pilots. Their role does not, however, extend to providing instruction to pre-Safe Pro 3 (Novice) / Para Pro 3 (Novice) level student pilots.

NB: If you have completed the BHPA Club Coaching course and your name is not listed above, please contact the IHPA Training & Flight Safety Officer to have your skills recognised here!


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