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Pilots wishing to compete abroad in FAI sanctioned competitions or who wish to attempt a recognised world record must first apply for an FAI Sporting Licence. The FAI has implemented a mandatory international licence for all Catagory 1 & 2 competitions - the FAI Sporting Licence. Category 1 or 2 competitions are truly international when the pilots who participate officially represent their country. To be sure that the participants do represent a country, the FAI entrusts the National Aero Club of Ireland (NACI) to issue an international licence called the Sporting Licence. Pilots must show this Licence when they enter a competition. The NACI will issue a Sporting Licence to members of its affiliated associations (fully paid members of the IHPA) if proof of membership of the IHPA and confirmation that the applicant is either a citizen or resident of Ireland (North or South) is given. The precise regulation concerning the Sporting Licence can be found in the General Section of FAI Sporting Code, Chapter 8. Note, however, that a pilot cannot hold a Sporting Licence issued by more than one NAC at the same time.

2018 Update: Please note that pilots wishing to renew an existing 5-year FAI Sporting License card are now required to fill in a fresh application form (use the link above) and return it (and the €10 fee) to the IThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for counter-signing before it can be submitted to the National Aero Club of Ireland for processing. This is an FAI requirement, not an IHPA/NACI one. You may pay the €10 fee using cash or a cheque made payable to the National Aero Club of Ireland.


Change of Country of Representation

If a pilot wants to fly for another country he will have to be issued a Sporting Licence by his new NAC only after notifying the NACI via the IHPA. He will also have to observe a two calendar years delay without flying in any Category 1 competition. Only then he can switch his or her allegiance. However he can fly in Category 2 competitions during those two years.



Only pilots who hold, or are entitled to hold an Irish passport, or are deemed to be 'normally resident' within the State may apply for a Sporting Licence through the IHPA/ NACI. The term 'normally resident' is defined by FAI/CIVL to mean that the pilot lives in Ireland for a minimum of 185 days in the year for personal or occupational reasons.

Note: In a recent development, FAI/CIVL has ruled that the Sporting Licences may be issued, through the IHPA and NACI, to residents of Northern Ireland if those pilots wish to represent Ireland rather than the UK. The same residency criteria apply.

Download the application form using the link at the top of this page, print it out and fill in the form. You will need to return it to the IHPA Training & Flight Safety Officer for verification and counter signing along with two passport photographs (signed on the back) and a €10 fee payable to The National Aero Club of Ireland.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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