IHPA Rules for Individual Flying Members

  • Pilots must comply with Air Law.

  • All accidents and incidents must be reported to the IHPA using the Incident Report Form within 48 hours.

  • Any fatal or potentially fatal accident must also be reported to the Gardai and the Air Accidents Investigation Unit (AAIU) immediately.

  • Pilots involved in any type of incident that could lead to an insurance claim must not admit fault or liability.

  • A well fitting helmet must be worn on all flights. The helmet should be CE marked EN966 (HPG), EN 1077 Class A, ASTM 2040, or SNELL rs98 (Snow Sports).

  • Members who wish to be involved in any activity that involves others (e.g Coaching, Instructing, Dual Flying, Towing, Aerotowing) must be appropriately licensed and must adhere to the equirements set out in the IHPA Operations Manual.

  • IHPA members must fly acceptably certified aircraft, or they must lodge with the IHPA Training & Flight Safety Officer, a ‘Pilot’s Declaration: Uncertified Wings’.

  • When flying from club sites, pilots must familiarise themselves, and comply with, the club site rules.

  • Members must only fly when fit to do so.

  • Members must restrict their activities to those which they are qualified to undertake.

  • Members must not act in a manner which brings, or may bring the sport in general into disrepute.

Nb. Aircraft means hang gliders, paragliders and variants thereof that have been encompassed by the BHPA.


  • The BHPA Pilot Handbook sets out recommended practice.

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