Flying Restrictions at Lough Bray and Maulin - 1st March – 31st July

A reminder to all pilots that there are flying restrictions at Lough Bray and Maulin. These restrictions are during the bird breeding season, 1st March – 31st July, to protect peregrine falcons nesting at both locations.

This year Wicklow Mountain National Park (WMNP), the landowner at Lough Bray and Maulin, have renewed their Permit with the IHPA to permit paragliding and hang gliding within WMNP.

This permit allows IHPA members to paraglide/hang glide within WMNP, with restrictions. There is no flying at Lough Bray or Maulin between the 1st March and 31st July. Last year WMNP monitored the situation with both Lough Bray and Maulin having a successful peregrine nesting season, pilots were allowed to resume flying activities from early July.

You can fly at other sites in WMNP during the bird breeding season, but must first inform the WMNP Duty Ranger on 087 980 3899 of your planned flying activity.

When we receive confirmation from WMNP that we can fly at Lough Bray and Maulin you will still need to inform the Duty Ranger

 More information will be provided in the coming weeks, through this website.

 To confirm; to fly in WMNP at any time you need:

  • 1. To be a member of the IHPA
  • 2. Have the relevant IHPA rating and insurance
  • 3. Notify the WMNP Duty Ranger on 087 9803899 of planned flying activity.

Pearse Cafferky
IHPA Chairman

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